Hex Lord Malacrass

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Hex Lord Malacrass

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He starts with 4 random adds. Possible known adds:

Thurg - An Ogre melee add, Sheep him.

Gazakroth - An imp that spams fireballs, banish or kill it quickly.

Lord Raadan - A dragonkin that has flamebreath & Thunderclap, sleep/kill him quickly. Killing him is highly recommended.

Darkheart - An Undead Wraith melee and instant casts an aoe fear, shackle him.

Alyson Antille - A Blood Elf healer. Interrupt her heals/kill her quickly. She can be poly'd.

Slither - A serpent that casts poison bolts. Sleep it/kill it quickly, as for Raadan. If you kill it druids won't have to shapeshift.

Fenstalker - A swampwalker type elemental who casts Volatile Infection on a player, dealing 1885 to 2115 Nature damage to nearby allies every 5 sec for 30 seconds. Can be banished.

Koragg - An undead ghoul. Can be shackled, or feared using Turn Undead.

People seem to kill 1 or 2 of the adds before focusing on the boss.


Periodically casts Spirit Bolts, dealing 450 shadow damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 sec for 10 seconds. Can be resisted, but is not subject to line of sight.

During the fight he will randomly Soul Drain 1 person, he will take on 2-3 abilities of that person's class. He will continue to use these new abilities till he Soul Drains another victim and repeats a new cycle of attacks.

Every minute or so he will drain everyone of their power by 1% and giving it to himself, thus increasing his size and his damage by 10%. Places a stacking debuff on players that decreases their damage.

Tank and spank and deal with the new abilities he may gain.

Possible Soul Drains (Seen and or Heard, not sure if its spec Dependant or not):
Class Spec Abilities Notes
Druid Lifebloom, Thorns, Moonfire Heals for a large amount
Hunter Various Traps
Mage Fireball, Frostbolt, Frost Nova
Paladin Consecration, Holy Light, Avenging Wrath Avenging Wrath can be dispelled
Priest Holy, Discipline Heal, Mind Control
Priest Shadow Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Death
Rogue Blind, Slice and Dice, Wound Poison
Shaman Fire Nova Totem, Healing Wave, Chain Lightning
Warlock Curse of Doom, Rain of Fire, Unstable Affliction
Warrior Spell Reflection, Whirlwind, Mortal Strike


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