Halazzi : Lynx boss.

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Halazzi : Lynx boss.

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General information

* Level : ?? Boss
* Location: Zul'Aman
* Type: Humanoid (Troll)
* Health: 600,000
* Mana: ??????
* 10 minute enrage timer

[edit] Abilities

* No Crushing Blows.
* Frenzy (Increases Attack Speed).

The fight consists of 3 phases that alternate between each other roughly every 25% and slightly changing again at 25%.

Phase 1

Mostly a tank and spank phase with the tanks just needing to make sure they are on top of each other to split Saberlash. Periodically Halazzi will frenzy, meaning a Hunter can use the Tranq Shot to debuff it, but not required.

Saberlash (12-18k damage when split between 2 targets, mitigated by armor) - The Saber Lash is exactly like Mother Shahraz's but requires only 2 tanks to take the damage. The tanks must both be in front of the boss, but only the MT needs to maintain threat above the dps. The threat produced by the OT is irrelevant. This ability occurs randomly about every 5 to 15 seconds, but often occurs very frequently.

Saberlash can be dodged/parried/blocked and this does not cause the damage to all be placed on a single tank. In the event that one of the tanks parries or dodges, the other tank still only takes half the saberlash if positioning and threat are correct. The tank that parried or dodged completely avoids the damage that they would have taken otherwise. High dodge/parry on the OT is an advantage.

Some strategies suggest using more than 2 players to split this damage, but it has been proved false, the Saberlash damage can only be split between two players.

Phase 2

Phase 2 starts when the merged form of Halazzi is brought down to roughly 75%, 50% and 25%. Every time during the transition he will do a 4k AE to everyone and will stop Saberlashing. This phase ends once the troll or lynx form is brought down to roughly 20% and he re-merges with the HP he had before splitting.

During phase 2 Halazzi splits into his troll form and into the Spirit of Halazzi, a Lynx. The troll must be off-tanked, while the raid focuses on totems and the Spirit of Halazzi. When the Lynx gets to 20%, the phase is over.

You can also kill the troll and have someone off tank the Spirit of Halazzi, the lynx has approximately 10% less HP than the troll and killing him will still cause phase 2 to end. Totems must be dealt with immediately or they will cause a raid wipe.

* Corrupted Lightning Totem (5000 then chains to nearby targets) - A normal totem with a bit of health that must be killed as fast as possible.

* Flame Shock (5000 Base with a 4k tick) - A powerful Flame Shock that must be dispelled on whoever it is cast on.

* Earth Shock (4000-5000 nature damage) - Interrupts any school being cast for 3 seconds.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts at 25% when Halazzi is back in his merged form. This phase is similar to Phase 1, except that Halazzi will enrage and do additional damage, and he will also continue to drop Corrupted Lightning Totems that must be dealt with by the raid.
[edit] Strategy

This is an extremely heavy healing encounter, so bring lots of consumables. Your tanks should have at least 19k health each fully buffed, and must be kept fully healed at all times. DPS must end the encounter as quickly as possible, or the healers will go OOM. Healers should expect to be spamming their largest heals for the entire duration of the encounter. Having four healers is not unreasonable; Holy Priest, two Resto Druids, and a Resto Shaman for example.
[edit] Phase 1

Have your tanks stack up on each other for Phase 1. They must be in front of the boss to split the Saberlash. Make sure to keep heals on both of them as they split the Saberlash. Also, be sure to have your Hunter tranq shot Halazzi when he frenzies.
[edit] Phase 2

For Phase 2 have a tank pick up Halazzi and the other tank the Spirit Lynx. Offtank the lynx and have all DPS take down the totems; totems have about 9k health and must drop instantly. Make sure to cleanse flame shock. The lynx has slightly less health than Halazzi, but switching targets may confuse the raid or affect damage over time spells and effects, which stay with Halazzi when he moves between forms. Remember, either target only must be taken to 20% before they merge and you resume DPS on the master Halazzi target.
[edit] Phase 3

When Halazzi goes to Phase 3 keep heals on the tanks for Saberlash and have all DPS on Halazzi and the totems; totems have about 9k health and must drop instantly. Make sure to cleanse flame shock.
[edit] Additional

Having a Druid in Bear form tank Halazzi in Phase one is helpful since Druids have a fairly high Armor to mitigate a lot of damage. Halazzi cannot land crushing blows.

The OT's only important stat is mitigation as their threat is largely irrelevant for this fight.

When enraged, Halazzi can easily eat through all Warrior Shield Block charges and often even Paladin Holy Shield charges, though Paladins will be getting hit enough to trigger Redoubt a reasonable amount of the time.

Halazzi is tauntable. It is possible to use taunt to maintain high threat with two tanks while still allowing a druid to MT the fight. Be careful not to have taunt on cooldown when the spirit is about to appear. It does not appear that taunt resets the saberlash cooldown.

A Hunter can use tranq shot to stop the enrage and reduce damage on the tank, but Halazzi does enrage more freqently than the cooldown.

Have your off tank create a macro to "/target spirit" and spam it when Halazzi nears one of the 25% marks to pick up the Lynx. If not grabbed quickly, the lynx will two-shot one of your healers. Also have your DPS create a macro to "/target corrupted" to take down the totems as quickly as possible.


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